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Mission Against Terror
Suba Games  [sviluppatore] 3 apr 2014, ore 21:15
More items coming for non-paying users
We're going to be changing a number of weapons this month into silver, which is our in-game free currency. The number will be somewhere around 10 weapons, possibly more.
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Ethereal 3 apr 2014, ore 21:29 
Great idea and move that should allow the silver users the chance to put up a good fight against the gold users and there guns.
Cloud Atlas 4 apr 2014, ore 10:13 
Woot woot.
Desecration 8 apr 2014, ore 17:13 
Nothing But A Good Idea which should allow better Gameplay all around.
bastar89 6 giu 2014, ore 21:50 
[ILJ]Mr. Crafty 31 dic 2014, ore 11:06 
YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME? How did your trashy 100% p2w get on Steam? I've just lost all hope for the Steam Greenlight voters.

To all you that voted on this game, I've been playing it for 5+ years. it's complete trash. So many people have quit this: more than 1k+. it's nothing but high leveled, worse than CoD community, pay2win. I can promise you, this game is not worth the time.
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