Resident Evil 6 Characters - Leon S. Kennedy
Cra0kalo Bday!  [sviluppatore] 24 mar 2013, ore 5:58
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Lazyspongie 26 mar 2013, ore 13:21 
all the anims dont work properly
Cra0kalo Bday!  [sviluppatore] 26 mar 2013, ore 17:38 
Messaggio originale di lazyspongie:
all the anims dont work properly
Blame the server you are on :)
R234 26 mar 2013, ore 22:15 
1- The phong mask doesn't seem to work. It should be a layer mask of the normal map texture by the way, not a separate texture. Uses less RAM that way.

2- The model doesn't cast dynamic shadows (flashlight shadows).

3- All the textures ending in "bml" are unused. I really don't see what they're supposed to be for anyway, might wanna delete them from the package.
Cra0kalo Bday!  [sviluppatore] 27 mar 2013, ore 1:18 
Yes there are some unused content left in the release from the gmod port gmod4ever did I will clean up all that and fix the shaders soon to support proper phong terms and shine like in the original game
PostiG 27 mar 2013, ore 6:04 
When I play versus with 20 players, character animation doesn't work properly. I think it happends when there is more than 2 or 3 Leons playing at the same time.
Lazyspongie 27 mar 2013, ore 13:01 
it doesnt work in singleplayer either
Captain Luu 27 mar 2013, ore 14:21 
So the Animations are messed up. I don't know if its the server or the skin it self. To me its the skin. The animeations are off like walking. His body goes up and down as if he were but nothing else. Arms stay straight out and stands perfectly still. When he is standing still he is fine. Guns also don't properly fit into his hands. They extend out pretty far, but he does the reload animations fine
Gake Jyllenhaal 27 mar 2013, ore 16:47 
when i play as leon his legs dont move when i walk
[TW]Zero 6 apr 2013, ore 3:13 
Multiplayer action is very strange
First-person hand is still Nick
Vividly 12 apr 2013, ore 8:17 
What have you done to Leons Model? There's a random light in my FOV (which I assume has to do with an attempt to place a flashlight where Leons flashlight is in Res 6) and his model is almost silver.
Cra0kalo Bday!  [sviluppatore] 12 apr 2013, ore 21:38 
Fixed that problem sorry about that
sol badguy 13 apr 2013, ore 14:36 
One of the lines for 'be careful' is a boomers stomach growling.
Cra0kalo Bday!  [sviluppatore] 13 apr 2013, ore 19:18 
@sweet21 how is that a bug?
Vividly 14 apr 2013, ore 1:37 
Okay, another issue I've spotted, Leons hand while holding an AK, is misplaced, it's not in the right position, another one has to do with the first person hands, now I know I can't expect perfect compatability, but with most weapons, his hand is all glitched out and buggy. It's not a mssive problem, but it would be nice to have it fixed. the New Helenas hands are fine.
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Heavy Weapons Guy Junior 15 apr 2013, ore 18:48 
Conflicts with Advanced Bots, it never used to do that.
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