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Ultimate Pulverizer Apr 24, 2013 @ 10:19am
[SOLVED] GmDoom will freeze game
I have installed the DOOM wad file correctly, in the garrysmod/garrysmod folder, but whenever I spawn a DOOM prop, the prop will be there, texture showing correctly, then after a second, the game freezes and crashes.
Also, when getting a weapon, I do see it there and I do hear the sound of getting it out, but when I fire, the game freezes and crashes again.
Please help!
Also, this is the list of addons I have:
Superman (Fly When Dead)
Star Wars Lightsaber
Pinkie Pie Jump Sound
Doom pickups
PaRappa the Rapper - Character Pack
Sad Violin Death Sound
Flood Mod Gamemode
Sonic Speed up box
Pony Playermodel and NPC
Perfectly Harmless Companion Cube
Bed Props (01)
Princess Celestia and Luna S2 playermodels
Mirror's edge hands (gloves)
GLaDOS Overlay V.1
Throwing Knife
portal2 bots
Sonic 3 Inspired Item Box
Pokemon (4th Gen, 3rd Gen, 5th Gen, 2nd Gen and 1st Gen.)
Pyro House Collection
Weapon Drop V2
Cinematic Camera (ex. Amateur Camera)
Pokekball SWEP
Aimbot Gun
Shoop Da Whoop SWEP
Super Man SWEP
Stickybomb Rifle
TF2 Bill's Hat with Badge
Trade Plaza Epic TF2
Parakeet's Pill Pack
Hat Painter & Crit Glow Tools
Player Resizer
Snivy Colorable PlayerModel
Hyrule Courtyard
Minecraft SWEP
Death of the Dream 2 ( scary )
Death of the Dream ( scary )
Nahka's Pony Overhaul: Females #1
Nahka's Pony Overhaul: Females #2
S.T.A.L.K.E.R. CoP Artifacts
Particle Maker
Turret Tool
Standing Pose Tool
The Great Mighty Poo
Solid Sparkles
Twilight Insane
Nahka's Pony Overhaul: Mane6
Omo Chao Sonic Adventure
Naruto Props
TF2 Driveable Vehicles
3 Packs of Playermodels
Animated Prop Tool
Portal gun mod! <--- I disabled this mod, because it errors my friend.
Bullet Time
Team Fortress 2 Spy and Sniper Playermodels - REUPLOAD
Miku Playermodel
SCP Facility
Freeman's "Toybox" Pack
SCP Containement Breach models
Ultimate Amnesia Pack
Chaos Two ~ Sonic Adventure
Chaos Zero ~ Sonic Adventure
Unusual Adventure
Sonic Generations - Dark Pack
Slender Man+Pages
Mileena npc & playermodel
Batman Scarecrow
Skyrim Dragon Shouts
The Scout's Boston Bangers Reupload
Gmod Day-Z Content Pack
Gas Can
Mane 6 Ponies
Realistic Fists!
Dr. Matt's Cores - Base
The sit anywhere script!
No Collide World
Gold & Uber Materials
My Little Other Ponies V3.1
Equestria Fortress Part 1
Equestria Models Part 2
Pony Playermodel Extra
Honey the Cat
Kingdom Hearts Pack
Perfect Chaos ~Sonic Adventure
Sonic Player Models V3
Sonic Generations - Hero Pack
Model Manipulator
Henry's' Animation Tool
Also, I didn't experience any lua errors.
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ghor  [developer] Apr 25, 2013 @ 8:11am 
Uninstall "DOOM Pickups". It's an old addon I created in 2008 that somebody else reuploaded. It causes conflicts with gmDoom, and doesn't add anything gmDoom doesn't already add.
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Icy The Tripping Tester Apr 26, 2013 @ 3:49pm 
Oh, Also the portal mod is from your friend not having the mod & not having portal content mounted.
Ultimate Pulverizer Apr 27, 2013 @ 3:10pm 
Originally posted by C.U Luxzhv / Icy:
Oh, Also the portal mod is from your friend not having the mod & not having portal content mounted.
...I keep the Portal mod disabled always, and I didn't say ANYTHING about my FRIENDS crashing. Also, I have Portal and it is mounted, and Portal addons work completely fine.
Also, it seems the person already deleted the doom pickups addon, and gmDoom is working fine now,
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