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Fancy Weiss 2013年10月24日 11時31分
Doomguy going to be added in the future?
As said on the main description page of the addon it mentions "Doomguy is not ready yet". Does that mean that the Doomguy will be available in the future as a command (ex: 'doomguy_enable 1') or an actual player model? I hope to see him available soon.

Thank you for reading.
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|UDG| Icy The Inkblot 2013年10月26日 15時05分 
I assuming "doomguy_enable 1" But what I'm mainlky consurned about is if their will be a fightable doomguy npc.
Fancy Weiss 2013年10月26日 15時25分 
Interesting, I never thought of a fightable Doomguy... though, the fight wouldn't last very long because he'd destroy you/me/us with the BFG 9000
|UDG| Icy The Inkblot 2013年10月26日 15時52分 
Wouldn't that only if he found it or you spawned him in with it??? This is Gmod after all.
Sir Swerving 2013年10月28日 8時50分 
A doomguy, Would be like a multiplayer bot.
Pancake 2014年4月16日 12時54分 
love how he doesnt have a name and everyone calls him doomguy
Super Mario 2014年4月22日 13時56分 
The command to be doomguy is DOOM_cl_doomguy 1
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