[TMI] RastaMan Jun 7 @ 9:11pm
Doom 2 Missing Textures
I put in "garrysmod" folder Doom.WAD and i see ALL of Doom 1 Stuff.
But! When i put in "garrysmod" Doom2.WAD (or Plutonia.WAD and TNT.wad) i Can't See anything! Why Doom 1 work correctly and Doom 2 work so laggy?
My friend put Doom2.WAD in "garrysmod" folder and he see ALL graphycs of Doom 1 and Doom 2.
Please HELP!!!
P.S. My Graphics Settings is MAXIMAL and i use DirectX 9+!
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Icyfire The Pyro Jun 8 @ 8:43pm 
+1 for Streets of rage Avatar, and DOOM2.wad is all you should need.
[TMI] RastaMan Jun 8 @ 8:53pm 
Yeah, i know, but DOO2.wad not working! I can't see Doom 2 stuff. It's - invisible.
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