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Team Fortress 2

The Southerner
yolksoup 2013年4月9日下午5:14
The Southerner's Stats
My opinion is
50% more damage when hits a player that is doing the objective(people capping or the defend the point or cart, carrying the intel etc)
10% less damage when hits a player not doing the objective
33% smaller clip size
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Rob Savage 2013年11月21日下午7:14 
first shot does 20% more damage,
rest of shots decreased by 5% per shot.


frst shot 20%+
next after -10%
Sims Legit 2015年8月18日上午6:19 
20% Faster reload speed
Critical hits while it would normally mini-crit
If someone hits you with a melee while you are holding this weapon, you get marked for death.
-34% Clip size
No random critical hits
RochestaDLS 2016年12月27日上午7:48 
+This weapon deploys 50% faster
+Hold attack button to load up 3 shots
+20% faster firing speed
+30% faster reloading speed
my stats

+ up to 20 metal returned on hit
+ 35% faster firing speed
While buildings are being built
+ 50% damage

- 33% buliding speed
- 33% maximum ammo
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