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Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds
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Cliffworms  [Fejlesztő] 2013. máj. 5. @ de. 12:00
Bug reports
If you encounter a bug using Sounds of Skyrim - The Wilds, post it here.
Please include as many details as possible so I can pinpoint the problem and re-create it.

Thank you!
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DarkHelmet 2013. máj. 10. @ du. 5:19 
im not sure if its just me but when i'm in riverwood the sound of the wind is way to loud which is perfectly logical because its location but still i have been in wind storms before and it was never that loud maybe it being lowerd by 25% might help
Cliffworms  [Fejlesztő] 2013. máj. 14. @ de. 9:46 
Hi WhiteWidow!

Sounds of Skyrim does not changes the wind sound effects in any way.
Maybe it's another sound mod you are using?
Sergeant Blueforce 2013. jún. 10. @ de. 9:32 
I started the game with the mod installed and running, but the menu didn't appear
Cliffworms  [Fejlesztő] 2013. júl. 5. @ de. 9:22 
- Open the console using the ~ key
- Type "StartQuest SoSConfigTheWilds" (Without the quotation marks)
- After around 10 seconds, the menu should show up.

If it doesn't, did you already have SoS - The Wilds before updating to the new version?
If so, you can try deactivating and reactivating The Wilds.

Let me know if it works.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Cliffworms; 2013. júl. 5. @ de. 9:23
Sergeant Blueforce 2013. júl. 5. @ de. 9:49 
Don't worry, I've been through about 3 characters since then. (trying to get all my mods working to my taste)
Rusyabrr 2013. júl. 18. @ de. 9:36 
in russian version of game SoS replaces translated names of locations and buildings back to english =/
Dr. ZED 2013. szept. 24. @ du. 5:05 
Same here in german version
Helbringr 2013. dec. 21. @ de. 1:12 
Not sure if its because of this mod but my wolves dont howl when they do the animation. Is there a way to make it so they can still howl and have the random howling from the mod?
Dovayol 2013. dec. 21. @ de. 5:46 
(Sorry for bad Englisch)

I don't knowe or this suppose to happen, but a don't have any vanilla music (except for the battle music when I Alt-Tab). And yes my music is full on.
Tahon 2014. jan. 17. @ du. 2:42 
Is there a way to keep the names of inns, dungeons etc in the language you're playing Skyrim on? Cause they all become English for some reason
Dovayol 2014. jan. 29. @ du. 12:13 
(Sorry for bad Englisch)

I don't know or this suppose to happen, but a don't have any vanilla music (except for the battle music when I Alt-Tab). And yes my music is full on. Even when I delete te mod I have NO music. Can this be fixed? (because I mis the music :( )
Astaldo711 2014. febr. 1. @ du. 6:50 
I have all 3 SoS mods installed and were working fine but since I started a new character, they don't work. I tried unsubscribing and subscribing again, as well as trying to start the config again with StartQuest SoSTheWilds (or whichever one I'm trying) but nothing works.
Shadow-Wolf 2014. febr. 28. @ du. 7:42 
I'm having trouble remembering how to get into the mod menu after the frist time it pops up I know you have to enter a command but i forget what the command is... So I cant change the sound.
moronwithagun 2014. jún. 24. @ de. 7:00 
Haven't noticed any of these bugs.
Filidan 2014. jún. 26. @ de. 11:38 
Does anyone have a problem with the sound that plays when learning new shouts?, for me it doesn't play anymore
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Filidan; 2014. jún. 26. @ de. 11:39
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