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Tower of Guns
Ulaxes 12 grudnia 2013 o 15:04
Meatier shooting and fighting?
I really like the concept and artstyle of the game.

That being said, I think the physics and feeling of the combat could be improved.
It feels to weightless and unpowerful to me. It doesn't help, that most enemies are
a bit too shallow. Flying shooting balls are not the most interesting kind of obstacle.
I hope the dev adds some more robots with more character. Also the way robots
explode isn't really satisfying yet. I'd like to see them thrown back by the impact and
shatter to pieces.

Anyway, I'm happy of having preordered this and I'm looking forward to the progression
of the game!

Anyone else have some issues with the basic gameplay mechanics?
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Psycho 12 grudnia 2013 o 15:11 
Can I ask how much you've played?

I find the weapons very satisfying, in fact if you look at some of the community videos the whole idea is that they're amped, up, overpowered and just ridiculously over-the-top!

Most bots do 'gib' into little gears and things, but if you're far away you probably won't see that very much. Get close in with a shotgun style weapon and you should see plenty.

The movement physics are being continually tuned. If you have the latest version it's been made a lot 'tighter' after community feedback, but also amps up (with experience) into the crazy grasshopper jumping you've probably seen in videos.
Ulaxes 12 grudnia 2013 o 15:34 
I played about 1 1/2h so far.
You are totally right about the gibs (I just played another round) and I think I can specify my criticism:

The meatyness I'm missing comes down to this points:
- Shots just go through the robots, there are no significant signs of impact or absorption of the projectiles
- the movement of the robots is unaffected by the hits. They could be pushed back or rotate due to the direction of the impact
- the way the robots explode seems too puffy to me. One way to solve it would be to have some kind of rigid body physics applied to the deadbody (as you see it with ragdoll physics in modern FPS). It could bounce off the floor a bit before exploding, losing pieces one the way (or gibs)

I completely agree
Knopes 1 stycznia 2014 o 7:02 
I also think so.
blankslatejoe  [autor] 7 stycznia 2014 o 11:18 
Not sure how I missed this thread--my apologies guys. The gibs and hit effects are totally valid critcisms, especially regarding the a/v feedback side of things. I'm not sure how much of that I'll be able to improve as a sole developer, unfortunately. It's gonna be a challenge to just FINISH the dang thing, you know? I *might* be able to improve some of the common enemies (bombbots, spinbots), but this is the kind of thing on larger FPS projects that whole teams of people work on exclusively for the whole project. It's hard to compete with that. :-(
blankslatejoe  [autor] 7 stycznia 2014 o 11:20 
Not that I'm complaining, mind you...I can get away with nonsense you wouldnt ever find in most large projects. Some of my design decisions are essentially forbidden in triple A. It just means I need to focus as much time as possible on that stuff and really maximize bang for buck with everything else. I'm learning an incredible amount as I go. :-)
Ulaxes 7 stycznia 2014 o 13:01 
Don't worry, there's already much good stuff in the game and you have a great artstyle. However I IMHO would rather prefer a bit deeper shooting and hitting than loads of new content, since that's what you do most of the time in the game ;)

Keep up the good work!
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