Yhteisö on antanut tälle pelille julkaisuluvan!

Yhteisö on osoittanut mielenkiintonsa tätä peliä kohtaan. Valve on ottanut yhteyttä kehittäjiin saadakseen pelille Steam-julkaisun.

Matuuska 30. heinä, 2013 0.32
Really creepy ?
Is this game really creepy and how good it is ?
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Lentobombe 12. elo, 2013 7.02 
Well, the bit I see on video seem creepy, yes. But I can't tell.
Loving_Lover 18. elo, 2013 22.36 
My guess is that this game is supposed to bring out the inner fear in the player??
Stop the Insanity 26. elo, 2013 1.51 
My guess is that it is meant to add new fear that the player didn't already have inside of him or herself, by using tense situations and creepy atmosphere and dangerous monsters...

We can't say how good it is. Because it's not out.
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