Dieses Spiel hat grünes Licht erhalten!

Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

BlueDemonFox 28. Mai 2013 um 13:26 Uhr
Multiplayer (co-op) option?
Hey I really love the game from what I saw so far and I saw that you might include co-op. How much of a chance is there for this? Personally I would love the co-op option, and I suppose the only downside to it is that since playing with a friend it might make it less scary but I guess in a way that might attract other players who prefer it to be less scary. Anyways any thoughts about implementing co-op or more info? :)
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Thani 28. Mai 2013 um 16:51 Uhr 
Given the rate their Indiegogo is progressing, they haven't a hope of reaching that particular stretch goal. Oh well.
Privileged Shitlord 28. Mai 2013 um 17:22 Uhr 
Hopefully they'll make use of Steam's Early Access when they get Greenlit to reach their remaining stretch goals.
Screwby 16. Juli 2013 um 5:29 Uhr 
mmm... co-op. definetely :)
Dogo the Immortal 16. Juli 2013 um 21:54 Uhr 
sounds good
DanChurro 25. Juli 2013 um 12:48 Uhr 
They said that when they reach a target then they would add Multiplayer, hopefully this game will sell well, really well so that way they can make a Multi-Player mode for Darkwood
Sheader 27. Juli 2013 um 15:40 Uhr 
I dont think they will do that just to add the scary factor but i would suport your idea :)
Captain Jack Harkness 4. Aug. 2013 um 3:59 Uhr 
Of cource it can add scary factor ( co-op AND PVP ;) ) like SALEM mmorpg or something ;)
Look at DayZ,WarZ,Rust (this is like DayZ + Starforge i think :X :D looks so epic & will be f2p too) , TheDeadLinger, 7DaysToDie , etc. PVP is epic too anyway i started these days Cataclysm:DarkDaysAhead ( ascii game but very very epic &complex) and also UnRealWorld is epic too but different(medieval/post medieval,iron age,when DarkDaysCataclysm is modern post apocalyptic)
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Hog 13. Aug. 2013 um 13:16 Uhr 
I'm hoping there will be, it looks like a game that would be very suited to it.
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