Dieses Spiel hat grünes Licht erhalten!

Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

Sgt. Killdrax 16. März 2013 um 4:44 Uhr
How is this game doing on Greelight?
So, I really liked the game and I'd like to know how it's doing here and if the developer(s) has an idea of when it's going to be released!
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The Acid Wizard  [Entwickler] 16. März 2013 um 7:02 Uhr 
Hey! I guess it's doing good :) But we can't really say when it's going to be released, even approximately. It all depends on how our crowdfunding campaign goes. Add it to your favorites if you want to get notified when we have more info!
Sgt. Killdrax 16. März 2013 um 7:10 Uhr 
I have done already :)
Thundergrunge 19. März 2013 um 15:51 Uhr 
Hey Acid, I am very impressed by this game.
I am really hoping this will get a release (preferable on Steam).
What do you think we will have to pay for this game?
I think if you don't go to high (~€10) you might have a topseller here.
I will most definitely buy it :)
The Acid Wizard  [Entwickler] 20. März 2013 um 2:58 Uhr 
That's what we hope to aim for! ;)
Luna Eclipse 20. März 2013 um 17:51 Uhr 
this game is amazing I LOVE the storyline, the generator failures, is there something that u can make for light incase of no fuel? candles? also, can u make a home if far in campain? (better house with backup generator etc.)
The Acid Wizard  [Entwickler] 21. März 2013 um 8:21 Uhr 
Thanks! Well, what would be the point of using a generator if you could just place some candles instead? ;) Also, we're not planning on building new homes etc. but you will be able to upgrade your existing equipment.
toonarmy36 22. März 2013 um 12:47 Uhr 
if you get greenlit do you think you will go on the early access section while in alpha/beta so we can play earlier and give feedback
The Acid Wizard  [Entwickler] 23. März 2013 um 11:52 Uhr 
@toonarmy36 We don't know yet - we like how alpha funded games are influenced by the community, but Darkwood may not be the best candidate for such a thing.. but time will tell!
toonarmy36 23. März 2013 um 12:36 Uhr 
Okay i can understand that you have an image of what you want and dont want it to change or spoil the kind of suprises you have in the game mabey if you didnt want the story to be spoiled just do the early access but only have a survival mode or the map and just let people go round having fun trying to stay alive and barricading just take out the story elements and the suprises and other things you dont want to be shown yet
Vedynn[Linux] 25. März 2013 um 23:10 Uhr 
Выпустите игру под Linux !!!
Мне очень понравился проект !!!
Хотелось бы на русском...

Release the game under Linux!!!
I really liked the project!
{M.K.P} Yeskezsirumem 26. März 2013 um 14:10 Uhr 
This is a very interesting game. I especially like how the lighting effects are in it, when it comes on night time.Everything looks great so far, for alpha. I can see this game has high expectations set already for it! I hope you guys at wizard studios can deliever onto us new coming fans!

I will back this game, if you all make it to kick starter. I am willing to go above and beyond to see this game made.
Roosta 2. Apr. 2013 um 15:53 Uhr 
This has great potential. You have got the atmosphere just right, i'm looking forward to playing the Alpha.
agonizedn 15. Apr. 2013 um 8:14 Uhr 
VERY interested in this game, so would it be a linear story or more similar to minecraft in the idea that every game world is random and its your job to survive?
The Acid Wizard  [Entwickler] 15. Apr. 2013 um 8:26 Uhr 
A mix of both. There is a non-linear story, but can be skipped if you don' care for it.
3 weeks in low priority 17. Apr. 2013 um 16:44 Uhr 
Just release it already!
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