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Crulgius 1 Oca @ 1:58pm
Will a type of navigation system be in the game?
If so not something that will hold your hand, but something that gives you an idea the player from becoming completely lost?
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The Acid Wizard  [geliştirici] 6 Oca @ 5:03am 
Yes, there is a map (on which the protagonist draws by himself), but you won't be able to see your position on it!
Crulgius 6 Oca @ 4:03pm 
No problem adds to the tension, looking forward to playing the game.
deniz120499 3 Şub @ 1:50pm 
That's cool
csnephi 12 Şub @ 10:29pm 
I like that idea, should play out better and more realistic than most.
ImWearingSweats 7 Haz @ 1:54pm 
That is actually a REALLY cool idea. This game never ceases to surprise me, and it isn't even out yet...
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