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Virtual Pool 4
Ledow 28 Nov, 2013 às 17:25
Er... When?
Honestly, what's taking so long in getting this game to Steam?

I'm absolutely assuming you're going to miss Christmas with this. That seems stupid for e game that is "out" but just needs some Greenlighting. Hell the fact that you still haven't got ordinary online play up and running properly is quite scary, in fact (which is worrying in itself. I can only assume that you don't have the infrastructure and resources in place to handle online play - which in this day and age of on-demand cloud servers is pretty hilarious, and something that even small indie studios are handling perfectly - and the thing that would help immensely with that? Well, Steam integration...).

The greenlight page still says 8/2013 for the release date.

So glad I didn't buy into this when it first appeared on Greenlight. Such a shame for such a "certain" buy on Steam when (if?) it ever comes out.

Seriously, what's the explanation? How far from a Steam release (even one where matchmaking can be tacked on later as a patch / DLC option) are we? What's the hold-up? Steam? Your guys? Paperwork? Unfinished code? Or just plain "not started on that yet"?

Damn well Virtual Pool 5, or some serious competitor, will be out before you manage it at this rate.