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Point Man's Carbine
stats dont forget about the stats
put any ideas for stats here

also no overpowered stat ideas or stuff like that
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Gallóglaigh 6. Juli 2013 um 19:41 Uhr 
fires in clips of 5
+20 max ammo
+100 firing speed (compared to the stock sniper)
+10% equip speed (for this weapon)

cant zoom
headshots do minicrits
-20% accuracy

Alt-fire increases accuracy by 25% (after accuracy decrease) but slows movement to norm scoped speed
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AvianLight 6. Aug. 2013 um 6:22 Uhr 
meh i guess, but doesn't it seem a little op
Acyka 18. Aug. 2013 um 19:06 Uhr 
i go with silent supernova's stats
cpl.TF 20. Aug. 2013 um 16:26 Uhr 
dis is the real stats
+Mini-crits on unscoped headshots
-Can't zoom in
+20% More Accurate
-15% Less Damage
should be like:
+minicrit headshots
=5 bullet clip (you have to load like kar*weapon*)
+zoom like HL1 magnum
-no scope
-no charge
+25% Accuracy
-No scoping
Magicllama 23. Aug. 2013 um 11:33 Uhr 
wow people are not commenting for this
+25% damage
Can doo headshoots without zooming in
Minicrits if the enemy is scooping in
+50% clip size
Can not zoom in
Can not charge
+999% Damage.
+999% Reload speed.
+999% Ammo capacity.
+999% Weapon change speed.
Aimbot: Upon targeting the head of an enemy class, the reticle stays until firing.
Bodyshots are also crits if the target is wet.
Charge is full upon scoping or after firing.
No speed reduction for scoping.
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+ Mini-crits on unscoped headshot
+ 33% faster firing speed
- No scoping
- 30% damage penalty

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Alt-fire increases accuracy by 25% (after accuracy decrease) but slows movement to norm scoped speed
Ursprünglich geschrieben von Fruit's Logic:
+20% More Accurate

The stock sniper rifle already has perfect accuracy. It cannot be increased any further.
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No. Just No

Its German. Not from Peru (The Rifle)
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LimeSlushy 10. Sep. 2013 um 15:57 Uhr 
I agree with more ammo, minicrit headshots and extra firing speed.The inability to zoom in and charge is a good enough drawback, it really doesn't need damage reduction because technically that'd already come "built-in" I guess you could say.
+Mini crits on headshot (85 damage)
+25% damage (63 damage)
+20% firing speed
-cant zoom
-damage falloff over long range when not a headshot
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