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Fractured Soul
Endgame Studios  [Fejlesztő] 2013. máj. 9. @ du. 6:26
How much should Fractured Soul cost?
What do you guys reckon? It has around 6 - 8 hours content for the main campaign (not including speedrunning/leaderboards). What would you think is fair for an indie platform game with this amount of content?
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buck3tface 2013. máj. 15. @ de. 3:09 
I would know how much you would need to charge for this to be financially viable but i would definitely get this game if it were somewhere between $10 to $20
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Why not Zoidberg? 2013. máj. 15. @ de. 4:00 
I believe the general public will pay $10 to $15 dollars. Although having read an article on you guys from kotaku, I would pay 20-50 dollars, touching story written on there. Anyways I say you should have a general pack (basic?) and then a supporter pack, you guys could even hit up a soundtrack or a short video documentary on the journey of developing this game as extras. I'm certainly down for a supporter pack if you guys ever consider it.
squishymaster 2013. máj. 15. @ de. 4:30 
Agreed $10-$15. With the number of games out there and all the discounts on titles 6 months old, not to mention games that are still really good that are 5 years old for $5-$10, I think starting at $10-$15 would be about right. I would pay more, but I'm not sure the general public would.
Endgame Studios  [Fejlesztő] 2013. máj. 15. @ de. 7:10 
Thanks guys, really good feedback. Love the supporter pack idea too. We'd need about 5 DVDs to recap the journey making this game though :) Would be fun to do the WHOLE story one day.
funnyslime 2013. máj. 15. @ du. 6:04 
For thinking about GBP just change that $ for a £ and it will probably be fair.
Brian 2013. máj. 15. @ du. 7:03 
I'd say do the math and figure out what would make you happy, and perhaps make up for some of the lost decade, and charge that much. Leave some room for a nice Steam Holiday Sale. I'd say $14.99 is the edge of impulse buy territory for me.
jeffrobot494 2013. máj. 15. @ du. 10:01 
"14.99 is the edge of impulse by for me" totally agree.
SoulSin 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 8:05 
Same price as the 3DS eShop, around $10 to $15.
I am prolly buying it on 3DS though, but I will surely bough this game on a sale or something. Next Year summer sale perhaps?
Chronic Boom 2013. máj. 16. @ de. 10:52 
yeah, i would suggest between $10 to max. $20.
sam 2013. júl. 24. @ de. 8:46 
agreed. and please get a humble store widget
Nurahk 2013. júl. 27. @ de. 9:39 
because I have the 3DS version i would only be willing to pay under $20, but the game is worth a lot more than the eShop price.
FrainBreezed 2013. nov. 22. @ de. 12:37 
It should be Free-To-Play so the cool gamers dont waste money :3 -Aaron
Raikazu 2014. febr. 5. @ du. 1:52 
I'd buy this game for £10-15, especially if there was good integration of leaderboards and competitive replayability.
Nurahk 2014. febr. 9. @ du. 4:33 
there is amazing integration of leaderboards and lots of replayability on the 3DS version so I would suspect that it will be on the PC version as well.
EpicV 2014. máj. 28. @ du. 4:22 
$14.99 or $19.99 would be reasonable
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