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Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey
Voodooman 2/mar/2013 às 10:07
Realistic Zoe ugly, make her cartoonish & closer to Dreamfall TLJ
I was waiting for this game like 7 years since the sad cliffhanger in DF, and finally its almost here, im happy...
Adding more polygons, high res textures, self shadowing, occlusion and complex shaders to old models from Dreamfall (which despite the age still looks wonderful) would work better than this completely new realistic design.
Also there is really something wrong with Zoe head proportions now, her facial part of head looks a little bigger than rest of head, and other portions of face looks... i cant really describe that, she sorta have some beauty in her, but her beaty have some ugliness, and cant say she is adorable now, but in Dreamfall TLJ she was absoluttely adorable and so cute, probably because of a little cartoonish style.
And its not just about cute\ugly perception, new design just look quite different and causing cognitive dissonance, feels like these two are different charactrs, so its really vital to make her closer to Dreamfall look.
Do something about her face and faces of other characters, less realism please, its not Crysis.

P.S. - I remember once Witcher 2 was announced, many people disliked difference between face from W1 an W2 and CD project listened and made Withcer face pretty same as it was in 1st game, just more detailed, you guys should do the same.
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Dr. House 2/mar/2013 às 13:57 
Indeed she was prettier.
xMerigold 2/mar/2013 às 20:56 
I don't think she's ugly.. xD What I think they messed up on is how tightly back they seem to have pulled the hair on the top of her head for a ponytail, and then still added "messy hair" that wasn't included. That looks unrealistic, actually, and not very good. </2cents>.
CmputrBlu 2/mar/2013 às 21:25 
There's been a lot of discussion over new Zoe on Kickstarter; both for an against. I just think she doesn't look as much like old Zoe as she could and she look younger that "Dreamfall" Zoe. . And yeah I hate the tightly pulled back hair too :)

The improved qulaity of the in-game model really makes the difference between old and new stand out. Expecially if you compare new Zoe to the Zoe that appeared on the Dreamfall box art.

I think with a few minor changes Zoe will look closer to what she use to look. Hopefully this alpha version Zoe.
Goodwin 2/mar/2013 às 23:24 
Zoe looks terrible!!!!111111 change, please
SilentLegend 3/mar/2013 às 1:15 
She looks fine. The only thing I don't like is the nose stud.
Ritual 3/mar/2013 às 3:35 
I personally couldn't give a♥♥♥♥♥♥ i just want a good game that i will enjoy. It's ludicrous that something as negligible as zoe's sex appeal is so widely distressed about, and a little pathetic too.

I can interpret people's distress over zoe's iconic attributes (which some of them still seem to be present anyway) but really, this should have no bearing on whether the game will be enjoyable or not. Acknowledge that this is just a video game, and the characters (whilst definetely having great, strong personalities) are fabricated with polygons and pixels.

But alas, gaming has always been a calamitous victim of vanity and sexualisation. Will this utterly dull and predictable gripe of how a female character must look "right" and "not ugly" ever escape the mainstream gaming front? Probably not unfortunately, especially since the main audience and consumer-base predominantly consist of strapping, sexy macho hunks.

Seriously, get the ♥♥♥♥ over it. Currently, this should be the most insignificant worry. We don't even know if the actual story and/or gameplay is going to be good, yet people are already complaining about how flaccid their manhood is. Although females are just as much to blame in some instances too.
julienf 3/mar/2013 às 11:44 
fine case of the uncanny valley here. I can't give any proper suggestion as to how to do so but RTG really needs to fix Zoe's look.
Ni1son 3/mar/2013 às 12:23 
New Zoe scares me, but I think I'll get used. Maybe.
Fryman 3/mar/2013 às 13:18 
New and old Zoe do not really look similar.. Coherence is the word.
I'm looking forward to the Dreamfall Chapters.
GRIMland 3/mar/2013 às 14:28 
I think it's mainly the hair that needs to change. Once it's not plastered to her head it will make a huge difference
Cradive 3/mar/2013 às 16:47 
w8! couldn't this be her without her makeup. Think about how makeup drastically changes a women appearance. How is she suppose to look the same without any of that magic stuff(eye liner)!!
Voodooman 3/mar/2013 às 18:46 
Its not a makeup, make is pretty same, proportions of facial parts different. She looks like rip-off from Nvidia dusk & Dawn demo's now, but not like Zoe. Even concept art that you can see in albums here looks different and much butter than this face.
DaosX 3/mar/2013 às 19:15 
You guys complain too much. She looks fine. Dreamfall is about gameplay and story, not about sexual appeal. What drew you to the original games wasn't how hot April Ryan was, it was the engrossing story and rich world that enveloped them. Remember the reason that made you guys fall in love with Dreamfall/Longest Journey to begin with.
biotek7 3/mar/2013 às 19:54 
Yeah... She looks just fine. As has been said, the game play is what really matters. Did these same people complain about the difference between TLJ1 April and TLJ2 April? Talk about an incredible change! Yet the gameplay was good and we adapted.
Blankity 3/mar/2013 às 20:25 
She does look incredibly different. I kinda like the older Zoe more, but as long as this game has a great story I don't think it'll bother me too much.
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