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Planet Explorers
Yosef 8 mai 2013 à 6h39
How does one use a shield
I know how to use it, but how do I BLOCK, or does it just sit there on my arm?
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Doug Rattmann 9 mai 2013 à 13h25 
its not for blocking just for your D
Yosef 9 mai 2013 à 13h27 
I mean it, how do you block?
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fiendish55 10 mai 2013 à 8h18 
Game is on alpha stage, therefore blocking is not added yet but will be in future updates.
Alpha mean you can try current build but its not even close to ready game since there will still be beta phase aswell.
Yosef 10 mai 2013 à 9h10 
Yeah, I know what Alpha is, I do not know what is IN alpha.
Malus Tepes 11 mai 2013 à 22h46 
Currently, Blocking is not yet in Alpha. It is intended for shields and armor to play a bigger purpose in the .60 Alpha. In this Alpha, combat is getting a major overhaul, and shields will finally have a block ability to help Melee Combat users.
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