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Planet Explorers
Yosef 2013. máj. 6. @ de. 6:17
Do you need to pay money for it to play storymode? I am playing it and there is a invisible wall and there is no Story Quest. I am guessing you do need to pay to test it without the invisible limits and all, just wondering.
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Malus Tepes 2013. máj. 11. @ du. 10:54 
No quest? That is actually a bug my friend. In story mode, there is an intended quest arc that should end at the Dark Cave quest. Perhaps some files were missing when you downloaded it?
Yosef 2013. máj. 12. @ de. 6:50 
I downloaded it twice, just to be sure. And still no quests.
Malus Tepes 2013. máj. 14. @ de. 11:34 
I suggest you headto Pathea.net and go to the boards. Some other people had this problem. You should try both the Torrent and the direct download.
Yosef 2013. máj. 14. @ de. 11:36 
Ok, thank you. I will try.
Yosef 2013. máj. 14. @ de. 11:43 
Well, it will not let me open the Torrent at all, but I will figure it out.
A Lenyalt Haj Nevű Strici 2013. jún. 3. @ de. 1:03 
Yosef 2013. jún. 3. @ de. 6:17 
Olympus1222 2013. jún. 19. @ du. 11:30 
i must this game play :D:D:D
ebi 2013. aug. 8. @ de. 6:41 
Pay to play :) but no subscription ^.^ its coming to steam around the same time watchdogs will come out.
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