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Planet Explorers
Keramane 2 MAY 2013 a las 18:40
Mining Ores
What's the trick to mining, exactly?

Story mode has the Meteor crash site or whatever with Copper/Iron. I've found copper there but not any iron, no matter how long I mined. Are there any other ways to get ores? Does mining down deep enough from a random location net ores? Does the grade of Pickaxe determine the ore gathered?

In short, wtf am I doing wrong exactly?
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Douglas Rattmann 3 MAY 2013 a las 6:29 
you need to look for a iron colr and you mine it the end.
Keramane 4 MAY 2013 a las 11:20 
... A grey smear on the ground? I've done that and gotten dirt blocks. Also, when the divet from mining happens, the textures stretch and the grey smear goes away. Are you -sure- that's how to get it?
Lemonhead 5 MAY 2013 a las 19:40 
Think larger scale, perhaps as deep as twenty blocks, and likely 50 or more across (just pulling numbers out of the air, apologies, haven't counted). That crater is packed with minerals. Copper and iron in high density deposits in the crater, about half the size of the crater each, loose ore including silver under and around Chen running pretty deep from the surface as well. They used nice polished purified metal colors, iron is a shiny blue/grey for example.

Also, regarding that divet, if you're using a higher end shovel, like iron, it'll hit eight tiles/voxels at a time (assuming each being a little pyramid) it seems possble and likely to me that ore can be wasted if you strike on a dirt rather than ore voxel at this point in development. Something seems off there. Choose your strikes as best you can and don't let it get to you too much. There's something like five digits of minerals at that site, and there is another exposed iron site out there that I've found so far.
Última edición por Lemonhead; 5 MAY 2013 a las 19:58
If you go beside the guy at the crater and dig, you should reach silver, and if you go to the head statue, there is a lot of iron.
Keramane 6 MAY 2013 a las 14:31 
Yeah? How far down? So far, I've turned that spike in the middle of the crater into flat terrain and gotten fekloads of copper and dirt and stone.
Douglas Rattmann 6 MAY 2013 a las 15:21 
STONE?! i cant get stone at all.............
Keramane 6 MAY 2013 a las 19:14 
Really? Grey smears on the ground man, those are stone.
Go to the crater, then go up till you get RIGHT by the forest, you will find a Head Statue, inside is a TON of iron, can't miss it.
Aikatavis 9 MAY 2013 a las 1:26 
Última edición por Aikatavis; 9 MAY 2013 a las 1:29
Keramane 9 MAY 2013 a las 4:41 
That's a big hole O.o My stone pickaxe would take decades doing that...
jon.jps 26 JUN 2013 a las 20:42 
face the crater and go to the right. face away from the crater hill and look at the wall of the crater. back to the little hill in the center. you will see a long grey smudge. dig into that. dig out the stone and dirt around it and it will expose itself more. tons of iron there.
Keramane 27 JUN 2013 a las 10:04 
Thanks muchly~
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