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Planet Explorers
Doug Rattmann 2013. máj. 1. @ du. 3:55
anyone know how to make a car anyone????
i keep trying to make a car in the game and i make one but it is very very VERY bad i try to test it but it keeps going...bad and it well not move i need some help on how to make a good one plz!
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Yosef 2013. máj. 1. @ du. 4:10 
I would like to know too. Plus, you should give the people at LEAST a half our to reply.
Keramane 2013. máj. 2. @ du. 6:43 
Wow man, this is a forum, not a chat window. 4 unnecessary posts within 3 minutes, 2 of them within seconds of posting the thread.
Doug Rattmann 2013. máj. 4. @ de. 11:24 
Lemonhead 2013. máj. 5. @ du. 8:58 
You might want to check over here: http://board.pathea.net/index.php?board=9.0

It's the developer forum threads on ISOs in general. Take a looksie at some other designs. Looks like someone even asked this very question recently.

A thing to consider is that these parts we get at first are the newbie set, they're going to stink. Just save your game before you export, if it's a flop you can head back to the drawing board, no foul.
Legutóbb szerkesztette: Lemonhead; 2013. máj. 5. @ du. 9:51
Doug Rattmann 2013. máj. 6. @ de. 7:42 
ok :)
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