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Planet Explorers
frozenwolf 31 jan om 6:08nm
camera control suggestion
Can you add the mouse camera control ?
Using Q and E to control camera feels weird.

thank you!
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Nydendakin 31 jan om 6:12nm 
+1 Yes would be nice effectively
digitaldoll 2 feb om 2:58vm 
can't agree more
Alphastorm 4 feb om 12:04nm 
The camera controls are stopping me from purchasing this game, and I don't really want to unless they are fixed. So yes I agree wholeheartedly.
kila.jobs 6 feb om 7:48nm 
agree that!!!!
CaseyGramz 8 feb om 5:39nm 
Ni-jūsan no Kyū 11 feb om 7:12nm 
+1 to this. I have the game but the camera is keeping me from enjoying it, even in it's early state. Another good way to do a camera system like this is like TERA's camera (togglable camera and mouse modes).
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