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Jameras 19 feb 2013, ore 6:49
INFRA . . .
I think this will be a fantastic game for thinkers who like puzzles, mechanics, electricians and engineers come to mind I thing we can all do without the guns and exploding bodies
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Altaan 23 feb 2013, ore 5:26 
a nice change in pace. not enough games like this out there
Jehovah's Wetnesses 10 mar 2013, ore 23:00 
Word up.
I'd like to know if a background in an engineering discipline will be helpful in completion of the puzzles and if the events that occur in the game will line up with what should logically happen from an engineer's point of view.
Lukrieg  [sviluppatore] 10 mar 2013, ore 23:13 
I touched on this question here.
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weylandke 20 mag 2013, ore 5:27 
random post because level up
Notablawz 27 mag 2013, ore 13:16 
Will this be open world or more of a thing where you have to solve a puzzle to go to a new level?
Oskutin  [sviluppatore] 29 mag 2013, ore 5:50 
Notablawz 29 mag 2013, ore 18:07 
Ok, but an open world game like this wuld be brilliant.
|Yucca|  [sviluppatore] 30 mag 2013, ore 17:10 
Well we have to work on Source's limits. But it's not a complete "tube", there are open nature areas and in the tunnels there is often at least two possible routes to choose from.
Notablawz 31 mag 2013, ore 15:26 
Well, that makes me happy :D I like making choices.
I'm not very good at it, but still...
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