Тази игра получи зелена светлина от общността.

Общността показа интереса си към играта. Valve са се свързали с този разработчик, за да се придвижи излизането ѝ в Steam.

Doctor Choy 17 февруари 2013 в 11:51след.
Game engine
Just wondering, what kind of engine will this be running on? I mistook it as a Half-life 2 mod from the thumb nail.
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assassini  [разработчик] 18 февруари 2013 в 1:12сут. 
Well, you're kind of right. It's currently running on the Alien Swarm branch of the Source Engine. It's the same engine as Half-Life 2, but a newer version of it.

We've pretty much replaced all of the models and materials with our own, so it might be a bit hard to recognize.
Oskutin  [разработчик] 18 февруари 2013 в 7:15сут. 
If we get this throught Greenlight, we'll might be able to get the newest engine.
Slowbro 18 февруари 2013 в 12:38след. 
Thought it might be the source engine. The design looks really good so far, expecially the water.
Webby 18 февруари 2013 в 2:03след. 
Looks awesome, the source engine has a really good visual style. I can't wait
Uuo|Nomk 18 февруари 2013 в 3:55след. 
Yup, the lightning is pretty well done! But im concerned about the amount of particles... (For example: The dirt/dust from the ceiling or the fire in the tunnel) As i played HL2:Ep2, i think the fog at the water really decreased my FPS and caused mini-lags. Still, im looking forward to the puzzles!
ScottyB 19 февруари 2013 в 6:30след. 
I'm not sure what would be involved for third-parties to do this, but since Source can run on Mac (and now Linux) would you guys be willing to look into builds for platforms other than Windows?
pazerninja 20 февруари 2013 в 1:30сут. 
@ScottyB perhaps.

@Uuo the fog in the water shouldn't decrease your FPS one bit, seeing as it's simple pixel fog... I would think the water reflection would be much more demanding. Nevertheless, the Alien Swarm branch of Source benefits from many optimizations that were added to Source since EP2.
Black Scottish Cyclops 24 февруари 2013 в 5:36след. 
The navigation reminds me of Grimrock - I wonder if it's from the same people or if the controls are similar.
Lukrieg  [разработчик] 7 март 2013 в 6:55след. 
@Cyclops The movement is not similar to Grimrock. Movement is similar to first person shooters.
maggintons 3 април 2013 в 3:46сут. 
isnt the newer engine the portal 2 one?
Time Turtle 27 май 2013 в 1:19след. 
Първоначално публикувано от maggintons:
isnt the newer engine the portal 2 one?
I think portal 2 used a different one. smething with Havok physics i think, Not positive.
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