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how much is it
how much is it?
Viimeisin muokkaaja on JustFluxz; 18. helmi, 2013 12.07
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Oskutin  [kehittäjä] 16. helmi, 2013 6.21 
Is it what?

If you're asking for price, it would be between 10€ and 20€.
Viimeisin muokkaaja on Oskutin; 16. helmi, 2013 6.22
I know it's a very minor difference, but I'd throw down $10 on the game, which would be about 8€ if I remember right. But that's just from what I've seen so far, maybe it has enough content to match that price.
How long is the game, anyway?
Oskutin  [kehittäjä] 16. helmi, 2013 6.47 
We have about 20 long maps to play.
Sounds about right. Nevermind, then, your price is perfect.
I know you guys are taking price, but is there a release date? Also if Steam dont sell this, will it be available anywhere else?
Lukrieg  [kehittäjä] 16. helmi, 2013 14.23 
Regardless of what happens with Greenlight, we will be releasing this. Greenlight would give us a lot of beneficial tools and support. For now, we have a safe release date of 2014.
yeah i mean money so it will be roughly $10 right?
Lukrieg  [kehittäjä] 16. helmi, 2013 20.27 
We haven't even thought about setting a price yet. I just know it will be on the lower side of the spectrum as far as game prices go. We want to reach a wide player base.
ok because im starting to get excited for this game
Yeah this looks awesome. The price sounds right and 20 long maps. EPIC!
[H] Cook 17. helmi, 2013 15.53 
I probably wont be spending any more than $15 - $20 on any indie game.
I agree. But ill probably buy it anyways:p
sicaxav 17. helmi, 2013 18.21 
i'll buy this game no matter what.. but the price has to be right.. if 10 bucks should do it :) are there any DLCs planned?
Oskutin  [kehittäjä] 17. helmi, 2013 18.49 
Nope. And if we do some extra campaigns/maps they'll be free.
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