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Skrag 2 apr 2013, ore 9:31
AI improve
I get this bug everytime..
when i put a zombie horde in a side, and to the other side, a soldier horde, with AI disabled
i click on the console command "Disable AI to 0" and the zombies make reaction, but the soldiers just stand right there in the place they were, and zombies are just killing them while they dont do anything
also the same when i move the soldiers with npc movement, they dont react to the enemy
could you fix it please?
thank you
nice work you made with these addons, but a little improvement would not be that bad
thank you so much
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[B.B] Toasty Toast 19 mag 2013, ore 17:34 
Soldiers seem very stupid. Not at all like the Half-Life original AI.
MikeyRyu 10 lug 2013, ore 12:25 
Shoot Da Cheese! = Madness!:3 3 ago 2013, ore 13:14 
there holding there ground so it doesent get controled by the zombies .-.
Gene Worm 16 nov 2014, ore 6:00 
Yes, this is a bug. Zombies, Human Grunts, and Shock Troopers have this glitch. It more commonly happens with the Shock Trooper.
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