tommy61157 2013年12月16日 13時27分
Wyrmstooth crashes when I want to go back to skyrim?
Is anyone else having the problem where once they complete the storyline, when you try to fast travel back to skyrim, your game is stuck in a perpetual loading screen until you close skyrim yourself? I need help since this was a fun mod, but now my save is screwed until someone helps me.
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tiny.brown.bird 2014年1月13日 22時27分 
I'm having the same problem. I really hope this isn't a game-killer since I've put about 65 hours into this character.
tiny.brown.bird 2014年1月13日 22時33分 
I just got it to work. I fast traveled to the docks and swam to the Skyrim marker. Once I was right on top of it I fast traveled via the Skyrim marker. No perpetual loading screen!
tommy61157 2014年1月14日 5時24分 
LOL, yeah, I ended up using coc commands.
Spart4sus 2014年2月24日 8時13分 
I don't have the key to enter the boat to return to skyrim
Kuńrad 2014年3月29日 0時08分 
Spart4sus write in console coc riverwood
Jonx0r  [開発者] 2014年5月15日 9時26分 
Another thing you can try is making sure Wyrmstooth is at the bottom of the master files in your load order just in case something is overwriting the changes it makes to the Solitude docks. The map marker off the shore of Wyrmstooth links to an xmarker at the docks and if that cell is being overwritten by another mod then using the fast travel back to Skyrim might result in an infinite loading screen.
FeniAraneae 2014年6月1日 15時09分 
I had the same problem, moving wyrmstooth to the bottom of the load order fixed it, thanks!
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