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SquidSkillz 2013年12月15日上午7:55
Question About Blind Robber's Cache Quest
Does anyone know how to get the Blind Robber's Cache quest? It doesn't say anything about the quest, or Blind Robber's Bluff, on the mod's Wiki page, someone please help me, I really wanna get that loot.
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Snaitf 2013年12月27日下午9:03 
Came here looking for the same answer, where to get the key to the loot?!
Paulie 2014年1月14日下午8:34 
Check Chillbone Camp for a note, it's just up the road from the cave. There should be a corpse up on a wooden platform, the note is next to him. The key is located in The Broken Tusk Mine and is located on Solstheim Island, Dragonborn DLC.
rpgkat 2014年2月3日下午9:31 
Rog somebody? he had a key, his body was being guarded by some falmer down on your way down to kill Wyrmstooth. (Got lost in there a lot). Now I need to go check Solstheim...I may be thinking of the wrong guy.
Jonx0r  [开发者] 2014年2月15日上午7:51 
There's a note beside a corpse at Chillbone Camp, it should be up on a wooden platform either that or check below it as it might sometimes fall down. This will start the sidequest Blind Robber's Cache.

The key to the cache is on a dead bandit in Dimfrost, you'll need to travel through the barrow unless you've already unlocked access to Dimfrost via the Dwemer Elevator.

Travel to Blind Robber's Bluff and head to the dwemer storeroom, use the key to unlock the gate.
Hamsterbytes , bits and nibbles 2014年12月10日下午5:30 
I got this quest from Dawngaurd, why would I need to go to a mod"wyrmstooth" to do it? Sorry just looked at the title again. I am guessing someone has got the two quest confused as well as myself.
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Jonx0r  [开发者] 2014年12月16日下午7:01 
Dawnguard radiant quests use random locations. If you have Wyrmstooth installed then there's a chance a Dawnguard quest will be assign there. Similarly if you have Dragonborn installed there's a chance a Dawnguard quest will be assigned to a random dungeon on Solstheim.
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