Kzar 2014年5月8日 23時48分
Just want to say, very well made :D
I dont normally post discussion topics on mods I like just to say "nice job," but this mod is far above some of the other lack-luster stuff on here. I can barely make a single dungeon interesting, yet you made an entire island, multiple dungeons, NPCs with custom voice acting and new spells. I dunno, I just feel like you need some congratulations for all that work. 1 small thing I want to say is that Really Useful Dragons doesn't work for Valk...Valka....the dragon. So its pretty funny hearing a dragon toot like a train.

But yeah. 5/5 easy.
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Jonx0r  [開発者] 2014年5月15日 9時11分 
Thanks :-).
fstony 2014年8月10日 18時22分 
I agree, it's not just big, it's high-quality. Another thumb up.
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