Vennificus 2014年5月1日下午6:56
Faelor won't go away
So I'm stuck with an invisible faelor that only acts as an invisible wall. I can't tell it to go away, I can't tell it to do anything, I can't even target it with console commands, it won't die, hell, I don't even know if it actually has health. I can't get rid of it in the creation kt and it's seriously destroying the game for me.
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Jonx0r  [开发者] 2014年5月15日上午9:13 
If you have any wolf retexture mods loaded, unload them and check to see whether Faelor is appearing properly. Once you kill the bandits and finish Howl Load Of Trouble you can dismiss Faelor.
mike.loux (Tempus Frangit) 2014年8月7日下午6:06 
My problem isn't that Faelor is invisible; she shows up just fine. However, when I first dismissed her, it was on the mainland, and she just hung out where I dismissed her. So I re-hired her, so to speak, traveled back to Wyrmstooth, and now I can't even dismiss her. I can talk to her and bring up the dialog list with "Wait here," "I need you to do something" and "time to go home," but none of them actually work. Clicking on them or using "E" does absolutely nothing. I'm a stealth kind of person, and, well, Faelor is not. :-)
Menathem Thmuel 3月5日下午1:15 
Similar problem. I'd be okay with it, and at this point I'm not even set on dismissing her, but holy god the wolf grunting noise gets annoying. I'd be just fine with a way to shut her up.
Jonx0r  [开发者] 3月7日下午7:50 
The last known cause for follower commands not working on Wyrmstooth followers was a mod that changed the follower system.

Follower commands on Wyrmstooth followers have been tested and confirmed to work, so if they're not working on your end you likely have a mod installed that's breaking that functionality. Usually it's something that overhauls the existing follower system or vanilla followers individually but doesn't account for followers added by other mods or dlc.
mike.loux (Tempus Frangit) 3月15日上午5:31 
Makes sense. I do not know if I have a mod specifically devoted to follower updates installed, but I have noticed that my followers have an extra conversation item about "stealth tactics," so one of my installed mods must have some follower "improvements," so to speak.

Last playthrough, I simply didn't dismiss her unless I was on the island, and that seemed to work OK.
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