The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

No, This name isn't sarcastic 2014年4月6日 21時44分
Jonx0r, you should make a sequel, I know that EVERYONE will agree!!!
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Jonx0r  [開発者] 2014年5月15日 9時23分 
I might revisit Wyrmstooth in the future once I'm done(ish) with my current project but I can't confirm anything. I already have most of an extended main quest written, barring the finale. I'd like to do something with the Thalmor presence I established, have much more Alberthor (if his voice actor is still available), some Blackwood Company, a group of voice practitioners that aren't so friendly, and maybe a plane of Oblivion.
No, This name isn't sarcastic 2014年5月17日 10時58分 
Awesome! Thanks for replying to this. Wyrmstooth is by far the best mod quest I have ever played. Will the next part of wyrmstooth/your current project require DLC?
Jonx0r  [開発者] 2014年7月27日 2時50分 
Wyrmstooth won't ever require DLC or other mods.
No, This name isn't sarcastic 2014年8月9日 9時50分 
Thank you for all of your feedback, one more question though. Do you have a timeline for when your current project will come out for download?
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