Centurion12 6. huhti 21.44
Jonx0r, you should make a sequel, I know that EVERYONE will agree!!!
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Jonx0r  [kehittäjä] 15. touko 9.23 
I might revisit Wyrmstooth in the future once I'm done(ish) with my current project but I can't confirm anything. I already have most of an extended main quest written, barring the finale. I'd like to do something with the Thalmor presence I established, have much more Alberthor (if his voice actor is still available), some Blackwood Company, a group of voice practitioners that aren't so friendly, and maybe a plane of Oblivion.
Centurion12 17. touko 10.58 
Awesome! Thanks for replying to this. Wyrmstooth is by far the best mod quest I have ever played. Will the next part of wyrmstooth/your current project require DLC?
Jonx0r  [kehittäjä] 27. heinä 2.50 
Wyrmstooth won't ever require DLC or other mods.
Centurion12 9. elo 9.50 
Thank you for all of your feedback, one more question though. Do you have a timeline for when your current project will come out for download?
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