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Executioner 6 jun. 2014 a las 16:13
Suggested Improvements
here are some suggestions that i think should be implemented:

-in the side quest A Priceless Commodity, the mine was described as a Spriggan sanctuary. yet, we only have to kill one Spriggan. furthermore, after said Spriggan is dead, we are insructed to investigate the body, as if there is more to the situation than just digging into a Spriggan sanctuary.

-in Dimfrost Animonculatory, there is a Dwemer lock box guarded by two Dwemer Centurions, and the only way in is to kill said Centurions. one would think that there is some great treasure or powerful artifact being guarded yet all there is inside is a Dwemer Paralysis Rod (haven't actually tested it in combat yet)

-the staff that is hired for Fort Valus cannot be interacted with. suggest making the guards followers, make the blacksmith able to sell and purchase items from you, make the bard like normal bards, and have the chef able to supply you with all types of food for free

-in Fort Valus, move the enchanting table and alchemy station to a part of the castle that is more accessable, rather than in that hidden room with the word wall. it's rediculous that the player has to walk a long way to enchant stuff and make potions.

-the summon valum staff has a VERY small charge level, with it being used up in less than 2-3 uses. furthermore, at times it doesn't work. furthermore, once summoned, Valum barely does anything. at most he might cast 2-3 spells before he does nothing. at the very least, i would suggest turning this into an actual spell or power

-as i mentioned on the main page of the mod, add craftable weapons and armor. if the file is too big, simply make another mod that adds them and is dependent on this one

will post more suggestions as i encounter them :)
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Executioner 6 jun. 2014 a las 21:53 
-forgot to mention this: i don't know whether it was due to my high level equipment, my high level, or a combination of both, but when i engaged Valum in combat after gathering his body parts, all i needed to do was conduct one dual wield strike and he was dead. a bit anti-climatic after reading about how powerful he was on your wiki

-unable to summon Arvak on the island

-you know how one of the random encounters in the game where a bandit tries to rob you? well this happened in the courtyard of Fort Valus and even when i engaged the theif in combat, the guards did nothing. they just stood there and watched (ironic considering how much gold you paid to hire them)

-only one entrance and one exit for Dimfrost? and not only that but every time i go down there i always get lost and can never find the exit due to this fact

-the main quest was excellent but when it came to the side quests/activities, that's where you bombed
Executioner 12 jun. 2014 a las 17:12 
-Faelor doesn't follow you inside buildings, caves, tombs, etc

-as far as i know, if you are overencombered, you cannot get off the island
Executioner 12 jun. 2014 a las 17:58 
forgot to mention that the citizens of Whiterun (except for the guards, Eorland, and any characters added via other mods) now stay indoors all the time
Jonx0r  [desarrollador] 12 jun. 2014 a las 20:07 
The problem with Whiterun npcs isn't caused by Wyrmstooth.
Executioner 13 jun. 2014 a las 10:00 
are you sure? cause this only happened when i installed this mod
Jonx0r  [desarrollador] 13 jun. 2014 a las 20:33 
There's a link to the readme file in the description if you want to see what exactly Wyrmstooth changes in pre-existing locations. No vanilla npcs are touched in any way and the only cell edit is at the Solitude docks.
EmeraldSpider135 3 ago. 2014 a las 21:58 
Please add wyrmstooth weapons i cant donate but i pleade you to make some. Btw great mod you would have made a great DLC for Skyrim i hope we motivate you to make other amazing mods like this!
Keeg 11 ago. 2014 a las 9:20 
Small suggestions:
- Add a buyable temple to what is offered for the fort. Say 2.K to get a shrine to __*anyone but talos*__

- Like Executioner said not being able to summon Arvark really cramps my style.

- Craftables are a must with new textured ores.

- Guards at home are sort of lame. Either let them be followers or let us give them higher grade gear or have the captian of the guards ask us to bring him 12 black briar meads for his men. Just something to make the guards a little less useless.

Also - great work. dont want you to think we're unappreciative. This is a great mod.
EmeraldSpider135 11 ago. 2014 a las 11:52 
All i need is some wyrmstone or brimstone (sorry if spelled wrong) and this would be great i dont really care about anything else just the useless ores and ingots maybe seperate mod if possible or releasing some more space i really wish he doesnt make the weapons on nexus since i cant use it by a dowload corruption and complicated files.
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Auradiel 17 ago. 2014 a las 22:43 
No idea if it's possible, but for the fort Valus secret room issue ( too far so not really conveniant to use ) how about adding a balcony on the side of the cliff so you can fast travel either to the fort or to the alchi/enchant room.

Too bad ores are useless, beside that great mod.
TTA✪Gamer 19 sep. 2014 a las 23:26 
A fast travel marker to the island.
raven 27 sep. 2014 a las 0:55 
I love the overall look and feel! I really loved what you did with those yellow, glowing flowers. I have some sort of "glowing garden" going on and if you could make those flower (which I harvested in great quantities) plantable it would be much appreciated.
Also I tucked away a good stack of the blue ore, waiting for something to to with it :-)
carolynkm 27 sep. 2014 a las 14:42 
I enjoyed playing through this - thanks :)

The only issue I had was a slight disappointment in the lore - outside the lower entrance of the barrow is the camp of an adventurer who was killed by draugr (I think). In that camp is his last note saying how sad he is to know he will never see his sweet Lydia again. I was just disappointed when I carried Lydia's lover's last note back to her in Whiterun and she didn't care in the slightest. I guess she just had already moved on :)
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