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Choczy  [developer] Feb 6, 2013 @ 12:09pm
Weapon ideas
Any weapon ideas that you wish to contribute? Post them here! Please note, you can't kill 682, so these will be more gameplay enhancing weapons, like a net gun, for example.
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Id wanna see like a set of loadouts you could choose from, each game. like the heavy Weaponry would be using say experimental Railgun technology to Incapacitate 682. but because hes slow and he needs time to charge and ready the gun he would need to be covered by snipers and people who would distract the beast. Basically Load outs you can modify.
maybe adding special SCP weaponry. too. Like that knife that causes Danger to not register to people.
Olazaika Feb 6, 2013 @ 10:55pm 
What about a flamethrower? It would melt 682 away (Make him slower), and show his location pretty clearly.
Galestorm Feb 13, 2013 @ 10:25pm 
What about a gun that shoots a resin that acts like super glue? SCP 682 would have maybe a few minutes to free itself before pulling itself free along with a little of its own flesh before charging the soldiers once again.
Kylo Ren Feb 15, 2013 @ 12:47pm 
Landmines and other explosives would be cool.
a gun that shoots teeth. its an scp.
ResolutionBlaze Apr 25, 2013 @ 4:18pm 
Concussion rounds for your weapons. It can stumble and slow down SCP-682 to a short and slow walking pace. SCP-682 starts to become immune to the effects slightly, only causing him to go to a jogging pace. Eventually, SCP-682 will become immune (of course) to its effects.

Also an adrenaline meter that fills up as you are attacked or in danger. Every time the meter fills up all the way, you will become faster, gain all stamina back, and a health increase.
This Guy should be installed. these are all excellent ideas.
PersonMcName May 19, 2014 @ 5:53pm 
I have a number of possible improvements i believe would definitally help improve this game, these improvements do not have to be just weapons.
1. Add different gamemodes, possibly different scps to catch, different areas, such as a parking garage, subway, Site 19, etc., etc.
2. Add different utilities, such as deployable entities, a few of my ideas are...
A. Automated Turret
B. Floodlamp
C. Ammunition Box
D. Tripwires
E. Hacking Devices (to open up locked doors, locked turrets, decontamination gas nozzles, etc.)
3. Extra Ammo Types, such as...
A. Slug Rounds
B. Hollowpoints
C. Flechette
4. A shop where you can buy guns, ammo, and deployments
5."Unique" Weapons, Including...
A. Flare Gun
B. Either Rapelling Gear or a Grappling Gun
C. S-Nav
4. Scp's which will aid you, i.e. SCP-914, SCP-714, SCP-500, SCP-217, SCP-294
5. Some of the SCP's I think could also double as enemies would be;
A. 096
6. Add attachments (scopes, laser sights, etc., etc.)
7. My Ideas for firearms to be included (which include links to google image results)
A. P90
C. Glock (any model)
D. Ruger .22
E. Mini/Full Size Uzi
F. P99/PPQ
G. Cheytac Intervention
H. Desert Eagle
I. AK-74u Tactical (you should know what one looks like)
K. PP2000
L. Beretta 92fs
M. F2000
N. M4A1
O. AMD 65
P. Steyr Aug
R. S&W M500
S. SPAS-12
U. KAC PDW's_Armament_PDW
V. Boberg XR9
W. Sig Sauer P226
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Script Kitt3h Aug 5, 2014 @ 11:41am 
A railgun weapon (balanced in terms of gameplay via slow relaoding/recharging times) would be good, as would some sort of grenade launcher.

Another good weapon would be a taser/tesla weapon, in that it could induce muscle and nervous system shutdown in SCP-682 temporarily while you (the player) use the temporary delay in the chase to get away to a safer area.

Some other good weapon ideas:
-Sonic Stun Turret/Grenade
-Plasma-Thrower (a fuel gas is turned into plasma, and expelled from the weapon via an electromagnetic catapult/coilgun mechanism), AKA super torch.
-Frag Rifle (A semi-automatic battle rifle, loaded with high explosive frag rounds)
-AR-57 (An AR-15 customized to fire 5.7mm rounds, and feed ammo from FN P90-stye box magazines, with the casings ejecting through the normal magwell.)
-AA-12 Auto-shotgun!
-Harpoon Gun (it'd be able to temporarily in 682 down or to a wall/door, buying time.)
-AT4 Rocket Launcher
-M249 SAW
-IWI Tavor-21 (Flat-top variant)
-Laser Weapon (severly stuns target via high-intensity lasers, but requires constant lock-on/aiming.)
-Molotov Cocktail/Firebomb
-Auto-Sentry (SCP Foundation-made combat droid/robot, armed with an auto-rifle)
-Cryo-Bomb (A IED-type bomb that releases supercooled liquid/gas upon detonation, freezing anything inside the blast radius.)
SFC Winter Aug 17, 2015 @ 12:41pm 
I have a few ideas
1st. Maybe add a few other SCPS such as 049 or 173
2nd. Guns a few ideas for guns such as
-HK USP (sidearm)
-SIG Pro
-FN SCAR-H Mk.17
3RD. Close range weapons (Knives,shotguns)
-Stun baton (will help recontain other scps if added such as 049 if you decide to add other scps)
-KSG (shotgun)
-ION Shotgun
-Utas 15 rd Shotgun
-MTECH "Huntsman" Survival Knife
-Bowie Knife
-Tesla Shotgun(will help with 106)
4.Helpful SCPS
-SCP-127 (unlimited ammo, Regenarates ammo every 5 mins)
-SCP-714(Will stop 049's touch if 049 is added)
-SCP-999 (Will calm 682)
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