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Stranded Deep
ilya kaler May 28, 2013 @ 2:43am
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honestly at this time i dont think ill buy this game but...
Just two things appeared in my mind when i saw the yellow boat:

The absence of character's logout united to the geolocation mark done randomly (or not completely *) by the game.
So you have to play the game and also find your location on the real world map (like Gmap) to finish the game (a sort of a rescue).

The character would be on boat for all the time (whether if you're smoking a cigarette or doing your daily job) and the blind time when you are eating corneflakes at home could be the moment of his silence death. You cant forget him cause things like dehydration (like into the real world) could force you to login.

* The level of seas intersect with previous historical shipwrecks or starting suggestions from the game etc. - to rescue yourself from weaves.

I dont know if this will be useful for you guys but i wish you a good job.
Have a nice day.