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Surgeon Simulator 2013
how much do you think this should cost?
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i think this should be free
master chief a écrit :
i think this should be free
Lol you can download it for free, just search it up...
5.00 if it were to cost money
5.00 if they were to add more surgery types.
Well, if you can download and play it for free on the internet, it should be free on steam.
it should be free
1.99$, 4.99$ if they add like 2-3 more surgeries.
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Kak 15 fév 2013 à 15h15 
If i need to pay to play this game i should pay just 2$
If there going to want to add patches/updates ect then they need money, and this game is pretty origanl in itslsef, so make it $9.99
4.99 No offense but its a tiny game
Everyone btw the reason i said 10$s
was because they are adding like 4 new things
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