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Crazyraven 26 Lip, 2013 - 14:31
What program is this game made with?
I want to make a similar looking game and I was wondering what programs where used to create this one if anyone knows of anything or of programs that are able to create similar games thank you
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its coded by the developers . not made with software.
Cinaede 27 Lip, 2013 - 14:34 
The game is written in c# if i recall. So learn c#and you can make games like this or better or worse.
Zainzi 29 Lip, 2013 - 10:35 
Myran  [autor] 30 Lip, 2013 - 15:08 
Yeah, the game is coded in C#, so it's not made in GameMaker or a program like that, but we use Visual Studio when coding and Photoshop for drawing the graphics.
Magnun 30 Lip, 2013 - 19:12 
i think so the game is good
LinuxVoid 31 Lip, 2013 - 9:09 
I think they are using MONO
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