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Rhinork 4/jul/2013 às 2:04
8-player coop achievements
maybe more enemies with the amount of players you have on your server
and achievements?
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Emil 4/jul/2013 às 2:15 
Having up to 8 players would be awesome, I have a few friends and we're more than 4 when we usually play.
Linaru 4/jul/2013 às 7:02 
adding 8 players would require a significant rewrite of the games coding so far. it would also pose many issues with local play sicne everyone must be on the same screen. it would also likely break most of the puzzles already designed by the developers.

i dont think it is likely.
FIRE_KEEPER 10/jul/2013 às 2:03 
for the love of god .. stop talking about ACHIEVEMENTS ... YAY NEW ACHIEVEMENT !! U WALKED 3 FOOTS!! .. U KILLED AN ENEMY!! ... U WROTE SOMETHING IN CHAT!! ... 8 players sounds great though
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