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doomowl 10. maalis, 2013 10.27
demo Sound problem??
when i starting the demo it show me sound error coz i missing openAl, how to fixed it??
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hipshot  [kehittäjä] 11. maalis, 2013 13.50 
doomowl 11. maalis, 2013 18.34 
thanks ya, the problem solve, game is awesome
Knotnight 13. maalis, 2013 21.24 
So i downloaded the thing and it said installed but i get the same sound problem?! Help please.
doomowl 13. maalis, 2013 23.44 
nope, my once solve already ^^
Knotnight 16. maalis, 2013 20.30 
Well my sound is still broke so I am sad. :(
doomowl 16. maalis, 2013 23.12 
hipshot  [kehittäjä] 17. maalis, 2013 2.32 
You did install openAl correctly?
I talked to Myran he said that i had a different problem because i got the sounds but the music is really glitchy and bad and my friends have good music.
i too have some problems with the music. Sometimes the music is .....lagging?It sounds like it's repeating the same 3 seconds over and over, then going on but after an amount of time that happens again.Sounds very weird.
Hagmar 25. touko, 2013 18.59 
ya i having the same problem Cancer, i have openal in my programs file but it still say i missing it tho i don't have sound working at all
hipshot  [kehittäjä] 26. touko, 2013 2.04 
Remove the OpenAL dll from the game directory and see if it works for you...
o_O 29. touko, 2013 14.54 
Hi. I had the same issue and removing the OpenAL dll from the directory fixed it for me, in case this is helpful for anyone.
Go for the "C:\Program Files (x86)\Hammerwatch\_CommonRedist\OpenAL\" and then click on the "oalinst.exe".
Delete OpenAL32.dll, it worked on my pc :)
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Näytetään 1-14 / 14 kommentista
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