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Hammerwatch Preview and Gameplay Video
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Added another gameplay video, this time focusing on Survival mode.


hipshot  [développeur] 28 févr. 2013 à 6h17 
Nice going, dad! The survival is very prototype. Too easy, few waves, few enemies and some skills, as you noted, doesn't work, like the meteor strike. You're not really supposed to respawn in survival either, kinda takes away the survival aspect =)
Dernière modification de hipshot; 28 févr. 2013 à 6h18
Oh, I don't mind! :) I appreciate that the devs sent me a copy of the Beta...I'm having a great time with it so far. I'm looking forward to reviewing the final version.
You should start a kickstarter!
Added a third gameplay video...feel free to count how many times I died against the boss. :)


Dernière modification de Dad's Gaming Addiction; 9 mars 2013 à 11h41
Added a fourth video, which takes a quick look at the open Beta build and Warlock class.


hipshot  [développeur] 3 juin 2013 à 13h22 
Nice to see that you're still playing the game!
hipshot a écrit :
Nice to see that you're still playing the game!
One does not simply stop playing HammerWatch..
hipshot  [développeur] 3 juin 2013 à 13h25 
One simply does not.
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