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Kai 29 Nis 2013 @ 2:58am
Taking on The Gauntlet
So yeah, me and Ozymandias managed to find out how to get into the gauntlet after a previous failed attempt. I realised that if you aren't in the right place at the right time you may have to do a tad bit of backtracking to actually find the room. Fortunately I/We were recording the whole playthrough and I'll probably be doing a highlight reel for it with included voice communcation between I and Ozy.

En son Kai tarafından düzenlendi; 29 Nis 2013 @ 3:22am
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hipshot  [geliştirici] 29 Nis 2013 @ 3:36am 
Ah, did you guys enjoy it? Voice would be really nice to hear, especially during this level. Not many people have found it and played it I think.
☯ Ozymandias J. Llewellyn ☯ 30 Nis 2013 @ 5:03pm 
Yea it was pretty cool, but way too easy. We almost died once for each of us, mostly because we were just running in recklessly.
We each did record video and voice separately, so another render could be made. It's sad though that we didn't get to finish Act 1 because I got disconnected just before the boss fight and can't reconnect.

Also, since the spawned monsters drop gold, couldn't you just leave your computer with your attack button being spammed and come back later and get like 3000 gold or something?
En son ☯ Ozymandias J. Llewellyn ☯ tarafından düzenlendi; 30 Nis 2013 @ 5:07pm
hipshot  [geliştirici] 30 Nis 2013 @ 11:11pm 
It's meant to be a bit easy, it's just a fun distraction. There's at least 4 bonus levels in the game, one for each act.
I guess you could tape down the attack button and leave, but it would take a real long time to gather a significant amount of money, I guess =)
Matt 22 May 2013 @ 10:56pm 
AW thats awesome!! Gonna go play through the beta for the 3rd time now just to find this! LOL
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