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Sabre715 14/abr/2013 às 12:38
invalid zip?
whenever i try to download the game it says its an invalid zip.
can anyone please help me?
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Sabre715 14/abr/2013 às 12:39 
oh btw im on windows 8 if that make a difference
i just really want to play it, looks great
hipshot  [desenvolvedor(a)] 15/abr/2013 às 12:01 
Strange, did you try to download it again?
Sabre715 16/abr/2013 às 8:17 
yes i have download it a few times now but every time it comes up with a notification saying invalid zip D=
hipshot  [desenvolvedor(a)] 17/abr/2013 às 23:19 
No one else seems to have this issue. Can you try the zip on another computer perhaps?
Sabre715 18/abr/2013 às 8:04 
yeah it worked on my sisters laptop but she would kick my♥♥♥♥♥if she saw me on it and its the only other one we have ='(
hipshot  [desenvolvedor(a)] 18/abr/2013 às 8:33 
Unzip the file at her computer and copy the files then =) (When she can't see)
Sabre715 20/abr/2013 às 2:02 
good idea=D thanks!
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