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fivestoogesinob 29 mar 2013, ore 21:17
I wouldn't play this if it depended on my life.
This looks like Minecraft in an ariel view. But a lot worse!!!
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Tonberry 31 mar 2013, ore 0:45 
Minecraft??? Really? It's completely different. Go play a variety of games so you can figure out some differences.
hipshot  [sviluppatore] 31 mar 2013, ore 2:48 
So, you would rather choose death instead of playing our game?
fivestoogesinob 31 mar 2013, ore 6:29 
Messaggio originale di hipshot:
So, you would rather choose death instead of playing our game?
Well it's just that I wouldn't play it if it were to cost $$$. I think the game should be free and then I would play it.
ArsenThanos 31 mar 2013, ore 11:20 
Five, you're kind of an idiot. ;D You're the reason we get rehashed Call of Duty's each year.
Hs.Snypr18 1 apr 2013, ore 16:19 
This game is fantastic.
[NP'S] Duglink 2 apr 2013, ore 8:17 
So, technically you're saying that because the graphics doesn't look like any of that COD crap, it's a bad game? And that gameplay doesn't matter at all? I'm going to be completely honest here: you're an idiot...
pud3222 2 apr 2013, ore 15:41 
you really are an idiot
Miljac 3 apr 2013, ore 4:07 
game looks fantastic, I am interested in producing games like that in a year or so, insta yes, and favorited, good luck :) Hope it goes greenlit
Ser Lazern 4 apr 2013, ore 5:07 
This mus be a troll
Sherlock 4 apr 2013, ore 6:52 
you are an idiot
Jephe del Phuego 5 apr 2013, ore 12:21 
Please don't reproduce. Ever.
Moya 5 apr 2013, ore 19:17 
Messaggio originale di E11even:E11even:
Please don't reproduce. Ever.
I second this.
hipshot  [sviluppatore] 6 apr 2013, ore 1:37 
Calm down, everyone!
Lablito 6 apr 2013, ore 9:16 
Let your brain have a holidays, guy. I think that you play Facebook's farm. Go hell.
Mura 6 apr 2013, ore 15:20 
Very interesting game hipshot, i would be carefull as to not end up to much like a 8-bit diablo. I Recommend finding a really awesome mechanic and building on it. From what i have seen, Hammerwatch is very similiar to every other hack 'n slash game ive played. Why not go play Realm of the Mad God at no cost. You must find something awesome and build on it. Ill be following your game. Best of luck to you!
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