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fivestoogesinob 2013. márc. 29. @ du. 9:17
I wouldn't play this if it depended on my life.
This looks like Minecraft in an ariel view. But a lot worse!!!
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Tonberry 2013. márc. 31. @ de. 12:45 
Minecraft??? Really? It's completely different. Go play a variety of games so you can figure out some differences.
hipshot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. márc. 31. @ de. 2:48 
So, you would rather choose death instead of playing our game?
czwarty 2013. márc. 31. @ de. 3:54 
Fortunately, you have a choice... :P
fivestoogesinob 2013. márc. 31. @ de. 6:29 
hipshot eredeti hozzászólása:
So, you would rather choose death instead of playing our game?
Well it's just that I wouldn't play it if it were to cost $$$. I think the game should be free and then I would play it.
Liquid Frostbite 2013. márc. 31. @ de. 11:20 
Five, you're kind of an idiot. ;D You're the reason we get rehashed Call of Duty's each year.
I-Is.Snypr18 2013. ápr. 1. @ du. 4:19 
This game is fantastic.
[NP'S] Duglink, Master Penguin 2013. ápr. 2. @ de. 8:17 
So, technically you're saying that because the graphics doesn't look like any of that COD crap, it's a bad game? And that gameplay doesn't matter at all? I'm going to be completely honest here: you're an idiot...
procrastinator kylan 2013. ápr. 2. @ du. 3:41 
you really are an idiot
Miljac 2013. ápr. 3. @ de. 4:07 
game looks fantastic, I am interested in producing games like that in a year or so, insta yes, and favorited, good luck :) Hope it goes greenlit
Lazern 2013. ápr. 4. @ de. 5:07 
This mus be a troll
Sherlock 2013. ápr. 4. @ de. 6:52 
you are an idiot
E11even-E11even 2013. ápr. 5. @ du. 12:21 
Please don't reproduce. Ever.
Vondred | H A Y D E N 2013. ápr. 5. @ du. 7:17 
E11even:E11even eredeti hozzászólása:
Please don't reproduce. Ever.
I second this.
hipshot  [Fejlesztő] 2013. ápr. 6. @ de. 1:37 
Calm down, everyone!
Lablito 2013. ápr. 6. @ de. 9:16 
Let your brain have a holidays, guy. I think that you play Facebook's farm. Go hell.
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