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Gear Jack
System Req?
Is there any estimated system requirement as of yet? On a side note I noticed there is a customization bit will there be color changes to the character or is is just set color with different equipment looks?
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L4ntis  [kehittäjä] 13.2.2013 kello 11.18 
Hi! System requirement are very low, we have tested the game on low end netbooks and on mobile devices too :)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on L4ntis; 13.2.2013 kello 11.19
yitomic 13.2.2013 kello 15.24 
As nice as that sounds has it been tested with laptops with intel chipsets?
yitomic lähetti viestin:
As nice as that sounds has it been tested with laptops with intel chipsets?

I have a laptop with Intel 4500mhd and the game runs silky smooth 60fps at 1360x768. There are sometimes framerate drops into the 40s on scene changes, like when you die / start new level, but you're not moving at those points so it doesn't impact gameplay.

There's no way to change Jack's coloring, but he looks good enough as it is. Then again, blue is my favorite color :)
Viimeisin muokkaaja on kalirion; 4.3.2013 kello 17.42
sigh 20.5.2013 kello 10.43 
Nice, I hope it could run on mine :D
n0x-f0x 12.7.2013 kello 1.46 
Sounds great
Mola :D
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