Эта игра уже доступна в Steam!

Спасибо, что помогли этой игре оказаться в магазине Steam. Более подробную информацию, включая ссылку на страницу в магазине, вы можете найти ниже.

Linux Version?
Congratulations or being greenlit. Any possibly of a Linux version and with that in the future support for the Steam Box?
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Me too, for a linux version!!!!!!!!!! (<- please note extra emphasis :-)
I'd love this as well. Would definitely increase the chance of me buying the game.
+1 i would buy it if it were released for Linux
This game looks really nice... but I'm going to hold out for a Linux version. I no longer have a Windows system (even if the GOG version should work fine via Wine, I prefer native)
So? Any statement about a linux port?
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