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Drox Operative
Ussu 29. nov 2013 kl. 3:19
Why has this game still not been recognized?
I fail to understand why this is still sitting in the Greenlight section gathering dust - to point out some reasons as to why I cannot make sense of this:
  • This game is far more developed than a lot of games that get "Greenlit" (and even released) and is highly playable.
  • It has a large amount of content (I could easily spend hundreds of hours playing) and an expansion.
  • It is developed by a respectable and trustworthy company, which has developed and released other well received games before - 2 of which are already available on Steam.
  • Drox Operative itself has already gathered positive reviews and praise.

... so yeah, I just don't understand why this game is still stuck in the Greenlight section of Steam. Has it simply been overlooked due to a lack of activity, i.e., no discussions?
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sahornback 29. nov 2013 kl. 12:19 
Steam may want Soldak Entertainment to create a much larger fanbase first. This would be easy if Soldak had a large advertising budget. Then they could spend lots of money to generate the "hype" that Steam wants before they put a game on the site. That's why some titles that have terrible reviews are on Steam, and why some titles that have great reviews (like this game) are not.

I know Soldak is working hard to generate more interest in the game. However, spending a ton of money they don't have on advertising is probably out of the question.

Another concern is that Soldak Entertainment, Drox Operative's developer, is a small independent company. If Drox had been created and published by large, well known, companies; it probably would have been on Steam as soon as it was finished.

Can you then blame Steam/Valve for this? It depends on your point of view. From a strictly business point of view, perhaps Steam has valid concerns. You can bet that Steam's foremost concern is to be as profitable as possible. They seem to base a game's inclusion mainly on how popular the game is. This way they can sell more games and increase profits. However, I personally cannot see how keeping any well supported game (by the developers) that has received numerous favorable reviews could harm Steam in any way. Shouldn't they be providing quality and variety to their customers?
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Soldak Entertainment  [udvikler] 2. dec 2013 kl. 13:23 
I think we just don't have enough votes yet. So get your Steam friends to vote for Drox! :)
Sidst redigeret af Soldak Entertainment; 2. dec 2013 kl. 13:23
sahornback 11. dec 2013 kl. 14:11 
Here's a perfect example of a recent positive review for this game. It'd be good for Steam to take notice.
Giowesome 27. dec 2013 kl. 13:57 
Basing the whole thing only on the number of votes seems a bit reductive to me
catwhowalksbyhimself 25. jan 2014 kl. 17:47 
Steam aparently has a policy that once a game submits to Greenlight, they can only get onto Steam by the normal Greenlight process--in other words getting a large enough number of votes. It no longer matters how good the game is or whether they would normally be able to get on Steam. I'm still surprised a game like this with a large fanbase hasn't gotten enough votes yet.
saddysally 3. feb 2014 kl. 1:55 
But why Greenlight in the first place? Soldak has already 2 solid games sold via steam. Each week, a handfull of obscure games is released wich we never saw on greenlight. Don't want to badmouth anyone, but when I see Burning Cars released out of the blue on 01/31, I can't believe Polynetix is more trustworthy than Soldak or has a bigger fan base...
Why greenlight?...
Ussu 3. feb 2014 kl. 3:13 
Yeah this whole situation is ridiculous. Drox has been sitting here for a year now when it has every right to skip this process.
saddysally 3. feb 2014 kl. 5:48 
Sometimes I think it's all on Steven. Maybe he's doesn't want Drox to be part of the regular steam sales so soon in the game's lifecycle, somehow predicting the long greenlight struggle...

Jeez, I do want my Drox trading cards and emoticons!!!
Sidst redigeret af saddysally; 3. feb 2014 kl. 5:49
Soldak Entertainment  [udvikler] 5. feb 2014 kl. 6:19 
We are definitely not waiting on me. I would have liked to get Drox on Steam a long time ago.
saddysally 6. feb 2014 kl. 6:29 
And the wait is finally over! Almost... I think I'm gonna gift it day one to all my friend list! I can't wait, excited like a pre-teen.
Congrats once again, for you and your team and many, many thanks for your games.
(Compliments : check)
Could we have trading cards? Pretty please?
Ussu 6. feb 2014 kl. 17:37 
Yay! Hopefully Drox can gain more of a following for Soldak, goodness knows they deserve it :)
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