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Fortress Forever
Angry Business Cactus 28 aug 2013 om 10:57vm
Mac support?
I know it's unlikely but could there ever be a mac port of this mod? I know other mods like The Stanley Parable were able to create a mac version of their mod so it's within the realm of possiblity.
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MEGA MONSTER CAT 28 aug 2013 om 5:38nm 
face thing boop idiot im bored out of my mind
beees 1 sep 2013 om 2:14nm 
It would have to be engine-dependent. Since FF is built on SDK2006 I don't think it's cross-platform compatible.
Feedexes 7 sep 2013 om 8:52nm 
Chickenprotector 11 sep 2013 om 9:13vm 
It isn't... yet. If you haven't been paying attention to the forums every now and then beees, they're actively porting it to the 2013 SDK. I'm out of the loop as to their progress, however.
FDA 11 sep 2013 om 2:40nm 
I've yet to see any mention that they're "actively porting it to the 2013 SDK."...
Chickenprotector 17 sep 2013 om 1:31nm 
@FDA http://forums.fortress-forever.com/showthread.php?t=24157

Facebook page:
"Any coders out there that can help out?
We really need help in porting Fortress Forever on Valve's Source 2013 engine. Better graphics, supports Mac OS X, etc..

Thread Below:
FDA 18 sep 2013 om 12:50nm 
Right, neither of which suggests they're "actively porting it".
Nemesis 29 sep 2013 om 5:31vm 
Vai rodar em Linux?
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