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Fortress Forever
killerzocker5 26 gen 2013, ore 12:14
Wie finded ihr es : How you find it?
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_JAS 26 gen 2013, ore 19:33 
i found the game cuz i was a TFC player, i tested it when it was recently out , unluckyly, not many ppl got good computers on my comunity so we can't replace the old TFC.

now almost everyone got updated, so it might be time to switch from TFC to FF :D !
Butane Boss 27 gen 2013, ore 13:26 
FF is probably one of the best Source games out there. Nice to have a version on Steam that can be automatically updated and that I won't have any worries about file replacement! I love TF2 but I hate how the TF2 team at Valve have morphed the meaning of a 'Fortress game' with hats, more weapons, Mannconomy, etc.. If this goes on Steam, we can have hardcore gaming instead of hardcore economising.
U+5384 27 gen 2013, ore 23:10 
I first found FF through browsing the HL2 mod section, I thought it was interesting so I decided to try it out. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although for a short time as this was right before the HL2 2007 engine update, which broke every mod in my library. I then became addicted to TF2 and simply forgot about it.
After two years and a summer break from Steam, I became competitive minded, and as such I decided to play Puzzle Pirates again and picked up Elsword. I still continued to play PVKII and Spiral Knights as I still enjoyed them, but I dropped TF2 because I became bored with it (excluding MvM). I started looking back at FF again, only to find it dead, but then I found it again on Greenlight.
I hope Greenlight would shed some light on the game so that people may play it again, as I honestly want to play it again. Too bad I lost my original account, being stuck as an unlimited means I can't upvote or join the comment arguements.
CaptainAhab 28 gen 2013, ore 10:02 
I wanted a fortress game more like Quake (fast-paced, takes way more skill than TF2, etc). I was checking out TFC and heard about FF, and decided to give FF a go and I have been addicted since.
killerzocker5 28 gen 2013, ore 10:35 
It is a TF2 verasche :o
Butane Boss 28 gen 2013, ore 13:40 
Messaggio originale di killerzocker5:
It is a TF2 verasche :o
'Verasche'? And if you are meaning that it is a shameful copy of TF2, read the comment I made days earlier on the main Greenlight page:
1. This was released a month BEFORE TF2 was.
2. I love TF2, but I get the feeling that Valve has 'ruined' TF in some way that the real definition of a 'Fortress game' has been buried ontop of hats, more weapons, Mannconomy, MVM, trading, etc.

By choosing this mod, you will know EXACTLY what TF is all about: HARDCORE GAMING; no-one will shun you for not having a certain hat/weapon, everyone is a blank slate. This mod was made by TF/TFC gamers FOR TF/TFC gamers that doesn't take up ~10GB of hard drive space. If you want to know what the good old TF was about, VOTE UP AND LET'S BRING BACK THE CARNAGE."
Peon 4 feb 2013, ore 20:36 
Greatest multiplayer FPS of all time. A game where neither the offense nor the defense can afford to blink, lest they run the risk of getting mauled. Every class has plenty of punch, and you shouldn't hesitate in abusing your power, or else you'll wind up being the one bleeding out all the points. Good luck, and remember, the Fortress will be with you........Alw, er....Forever.
Nakor 23 mar 2013, ore 1:49 
This mod brings back all of the best things about TFC. I thoroughly enjoyed playing it and would love to see it here.
Xylemon 19 mag 2013, ore 18:10 
I remember finding this through ModDB way back in 2007. I was all pumped up for the release, and played it most of the night. One of the best Firdays ever.
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