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Fortress Forever
The Medic Argument: Helping clear things up.
I've seen a lot of comments on the medic being more offensive than supportive. So I hope that this discussion will help out the confusion.

The medic (believe it or not) is the primary supportive role when playing offense. Without their speed and weapon loadout, the scout would have a much harder time getting captures.

(The video displayed on this greenlight page was made before the current patch, and so not all of the features of the current patch were not shown in this video. I'm hoping to get with a few players and see if we can't release a class feature video, instead of a gameplay one. So far, that's all that you guys have recieved.)

Now back to the medic! The idea behind the medic is to support the scout and/or other classes in obtaining control over it's objective. With that said, the medic can have all the following responsibilities:

-Taking down the Sentry Gun
-Healing Teammates
-Pushing the flag away from the flag room
-Killing any enemy that negates the choke points (choke points are area's that defenders gaurd to stop offensive players from passing through. These points are usually spots for defenders to get kills easier as well.)

Doing all of these will open up many opportunities for your offense to make caps. And yes, I understand that as a medic, he's suppose to heal because of the class name. But putting this on a realistic level, do you think that our armed forces have medics that just run around and patch people up 24/7? Then why do they give them a gun? To do work, obviously.

A medic's responsibility in the field is to do what is necessary to keep his team alive. That is what the definition of medic is. If that means to kill his enemy to prevent his team from bleeding out, then he's absolutely playing the role of Medic. You can apply this same logic to the game.

If anyone would like to add anything more, feedback welcome. Thanks, and I hope this clears up some of the confusion of the role that is the medics.

(Last note: TF2 made a really terrible defined medic.)

Don't forget to vote us up! Thanks for all the support :)
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_JAS 20 avr. 2013 à 17h09 
gj for the post !
agree, that medic is support, but in a different way of healing 24/7
here medic supports offense , no staying in base healing , may be , if teamates are in the way out of the base ...

he got speed and power, to destroy or at least hurt badly other team defensive players, and killing sg's

remember, the scout is the capper , make his life easier :D
How would you say FF's medic differs in role from TFC's medic?
FDA 26 avr. 2013 à 22h21 
They don't really differ a lot. Healing is more viable in FF than tfc, due to throwable medkits. You get 5 throwable medkits that regenerate over time, so you can throw those in choke points, on flags, and directly at people. They can be pretty effective. Other than that He's still the same offensive DM class he was in tfc.
I'm the kinda of TFC medic that balances my healing and firepower support. You need both. TF2's medic while okay in that balanced in a completely different way game, I still wish he had better weapons. I also don't want medics that never heal and completely conc jump or simply run away from you when you are barely alive or infected. One balance, not one or the other.
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