Informal Skyboxes
Pio064 2013年8月23日上午6:37
Game / Steam crash. [SOLVED]
I love these skybox textures, but unfortunately when I subscribe this addon my game freezes in my menu a second after addons loading. A month ago everything was working fine, but when I have launched a game few weeks later the game was freezing in my menu every time I launched it. When I delete Informal Skyboxes everything works fine, but I really like this addon and I would like to make it works. Any suggestions?
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Zohan 2013年12月29日下午9:26 
Same to me
Zohan 2013年12月29日下午9:26 
Some one have a solution ?
Zyzio 2014年1月14日下午12:42 
Workshop problems, I have same problem with gmod addons. 1/5 of addons crash steam and game in-menu.
Pio064 2014年1月17日上午10:41 
I downloaded it again a few days ago and I don't know why but it works now...
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Quenelle. L4D2 cstm cmpgns grp 2014年1月29日下午9:20 
Same here :(
TheCommunistCracker 2014年3月12日下午2:22 
you know that if you start the passin in game, unsubscribe from the boxes, re subscribe, restart the game, and it will work, (this only works in the passing, as it is a special DLC campaign)
Azu-what? 2014年3月19日下午1:16 
Oh damn, this happens to me too :C
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DemonSlayer 2014年3月23日下午12:27 
not only does my game crash but steam crashes aswell
a new bread of dumb 2014年3月23日下午3:13 
Steam crashes and game locks up, same issue for two of my friends as well.
SirSAZVII 2014年3月23日下午4:19 
There has been issues with Steam workshop (I use for convenience) I've been notified by Jules. If you start seeing weird stuff, this is my fix:

  • Start the game
  • Go to Addons
  • Locate the item, view in workshop
  • Unsub then resub!
  • Restart

If you close the game, it should keep the item addons.
Jules 2014年3月24日下午5:40 
Thank you!
Hunk 2014年3月26日上午8:17 
I already got twice crash in steam.... :(
Jules 2014年3月28日下午10:10 
Disable Steam Beta participation in the Settings / Account menu.
Hunk 2014年3月28日下午10:34 
THANK YOU! Work it!
cashregister9 2月11日下午12:08 
This made me scared to download the mod ._.
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